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Alternatur Salvador: a New Concept in Travel

Our primary focus is to match the interests of our clients with the cultural and leisure activities that are available in the beach lined city of Salvador.

alternatur salvador da bahia brazil

Alternatur Salvador is a travel service provider and consultancy that offers assistance to travelers planning to visit the city of Salvador, Brazil by providing a range of services that include accommodations, transportation and developing personalized travel itineraries that are based exclusively on their interests. Alternatur Salvador also assists clients in the managing and handling of all travel logistics, allowing them to maximize their time while in Salvador and ensuring a safe and comfortable environment as they explore the city’s main attractions. It is our philosophy that by developing a customized itinerary that focuses primarily on cultural immersion and education, a more dynamic travel experience is achieved. This unique approach not only enhances the client’s travel experience overall, but it also contributes immensely to their enjoyment and appreciation of this beautiful city and everything wonderful it has to offer.


  • We help visitors to Salvador develop personalized travel itineraries.
  • Visitors to the city stay in a nicely furnished and fully equipped apartment.
  • Our services offer flexibility and are designed to fit any budget.
  • We provide you with immediate support for the duration of your trip.
  • All of our tours are conducted in English.

Allowing visitors to develop their own itineraries helps create a more dynamic and participatory travel experience that falls in line with the Alternatur Salvador’s philosophy of a client centered approach that aims to enrich, enliven and educate.

ALTERNATUR Salvador da Bahia, Brazil