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So you are interested in visiting Salvador da Bahia.

Sometimes deciding on what to see and do while on a trip can be quite overwhelming, especially when you are unfamiliar with the city, you do not speak the language and your time is often limited.

We believe there is a better way to travel.

salvador da bahia
salvador da bahia
salvador da bahia

Alternatur Salvador offers a range of services designed to make your life easier and let you make the most of your trip.

Personalized Tours

Our goal is to help visitors to the beautiful city of Salvador da Bahia create customized travel itineraries that are developed using input that they provide long before they arrive, in the effort to maximize their time in the city by streamlining all the activities that meet their criteria. A simple questionnaire will be sent beforehand so that we can get a better idea as to what to include during the trip. Ultimately, this client centered approach results in a more enhanced and dynamic travel experience overall. The main objective of this new and distinctive concept is to jointly create a truly unique and memorable travel experience that will enrich as well as educate.

Feel Right, At Home

As a complement to our client centered philosophy, visitors to the city of Salvador will be staying in a completely furnished and fully equipped apartment. The unit will have a Wi Fi connection, Cable TV and a washer/dryer hook up. The apartment is located in a quiet and safe residential beach neighborhood, with access to a range of bus lines that stop a few feet from the main entrance and is only 20 minutes away from Pelourinho, Salvador’s historical center. The apartment is within walking distance of Rio Vermelho, the heart of the Salvador nightlife, with easy access to pharmacies, local eateries, bakeries and small shops. It is sure to provide a comfortable stay for all guests visiting the beautiful and vibrant city of Salvador.

Getting Around

Alternatur Salvador provides safe and secure transportation for day trips to nearby tourist attractions such as Pelourinho, Itapoã and Ribeira. Private car services with a personal driver and tour guide can also be arranged if you prefer to see the city on your own. Clients can visit many of the nearby beaches, such as Stella Maris and Praia do Flamengo, or tour the famous Linha Verde, located just a short drive away from Salvador. Public transportation such as buses and taxis are inexpensive, safe and readily available. We offer clients flexibility and convenience when it comes to the many options available for getting around Salvador, making sure your time and budget are always taken into consideration.

Allowing visitors to develop their own itineraries helps create a more dynamic and participatory travel experience that falls in line with the Alternatur Salvador’s philosophy of a client centered approach that aims to enrich, enliven and educate.

ALTERNATUR - Salvador da Bahia, Brazil